The Reviews Are In!

The cast and crew of Madagascar Jr. have put in a ton of time to make this show great and it shows. After two performances, the feedback has been great from people who have already seen the show. If you are considering attending, check out these reviews. They might help you make up your mind!

“Opening night was amazing. Great job by the cast and stage and tech crews.” — Terry D Hansen

“We enjoyed the show. A great performance by all!” — Vicki Evans

“This kid rocks! 🙌🏻💗🙌🏻 You don’t want to miss this play!!! Come see Marty,🦓Alex,🦁Gloria🦛and Melman🦒in BCP Madagascar Jr. It will knock your socks off ❤️❤️❤️❤️” — Lori Bendixsen Adams

“Great show! What an amazing director, Heather McPhie, to handle so many kids! Gloria the hippo was such a cutie plus Lydia the penguin and Jacob and Shane the Lemurs! I give it a thumbs up.” — Laura Sorensen

“Seriously my favorite show yet!!!! Heather McPhie and her team do an incredible job with the kids, and we believe this is a very special play that everyone should see!!” — Lisha Lee

“It’s a hilarious show.” — Sherilynn Farnes Goodworth

“Amazing talent. It was amazing. Shelby rocks the stage, all the youth are amazing.” — Tammie Carson

“Loved it.” — Linda Fabiny

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