Rob Cox – Board Member

Rob Cox has been involved with theater in one form or another since his youth spent in Dayton, ID. He specializes in set construction, special effects, and the electrical/mechanical engineering; however, he has worn the director’s hat too. A member of the BCP Board since 2013, he is married to Donna Cox and father of […]

Amy Moser – Tickets & Concessions

Amy Moser has been a BCP Board member since 2012 and overseas ticket sales and concessions. She has acted with the BCP since 2004 and has served as musical director and director for past shows. Raised in St. Anthony, she began singing as a child and acting in high school. Amy is a speech-language pathologist […]

Nancy Lindholm – Costume Mistress

Nancy Lindholm has helped costume BCP shows for 30 years. She has served as a board member since 2005 and currently serves as the costume mistress. Born in California, she has called Blackfoot home since she was eight. She learned to sew out of necessity while a young mother of 4 children. She is married […]

Lauren Murdoch – Secretary/Treasurer

Lauren Murdoch was born in California but grew up and graduated from law school in Texas. Blackfoot became her home in 2000. She joined the board in 2002 after accepting a role in Steel Magnolias. Presently, she serves as Secretary on the board. In her professional life, Lauren is a staff attorney for the 7th […]

Russ Cottam – Building Maintenance

Russ Cottam has a long history with BCP and has been a board member since 2000. He is responsible for the building’s maintenance and continual upgrading. He specializes in sound, lighting, and set construction. Russ has also served as a director. Born in California and raised in Phoenix Arizona, Russ is an Engineering and Project […]

Sharon Hoge – President

Sharon Hoge first started acting with BCPs in the 1980s. A board member for 30 years, she has served as treasurer, president, and secretary. She has been instrumental in many Nuart restoration projects but most recently the Nuart’s lobby. Sharon directs many shows, produces Grandstand of Terror, and also writes grants for the BCP. She […]

Jonathan Williams – Board Member

Jonathan Williams is a native of Thomas and currently lives in Groveland. He and his wife have five children — all boys. He is a Nurse Practitioner for Rocky Mountain Diabetes and Osteoporosis Center in Idaho Falls. He has loved music and theater since he was in high school. Before joining the Board of Directors […]

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