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BCP_AbiElliotSeptember 23, 2014

Meet Trinket

Abi Elliott has been performing for 12 years. She started on her path to acting on the fireplace hearth of her parents living room. She loved providing encore performances for her fans. It was here that she found her love of performing. Most recently she has been in “Comic Book Artist,” “The Y Factor,” “42nd Street,” “Millie,” “Oz,” and “All the Sudden Peggy.” She is looking forward to a lifetime of stage performances.

BCP_BigHarryDeal_SteveElliottMeet Harry

Steve Elliott’s acting debut has been 40 years in the making. This is his first ever stage production. Following in the footsteps of his daughter, Abi, he has uncovered an unknown talent for acting. When he is not planning scandalous schemes, he enjoys being with his family.

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