Meet the Males Order Brides Cast

BCP-Grubby_TedChristensenSeptember 18, 2014

Meet Grubby Shurtz

In real life he goes by Ted Christensen and he says:

‘When I was young I heard that you got to kiss girls in plays. I tried out for the lead, George, in Our Town and got it, but was too embarrassed to kiss the girl and haven’t had a chance since.

When I tried out for The Music Man I tried for a lead role. They told me to try the chorus. When I tried out for the chorus they told me I was a dancer.

For Carnival I was the Doctor (veterinarian) and a dancer. In Carousel I was the Star Keeper and the Doctor. This was my one and only solo. I was never invited to sing again.

I was an extra in Poppa and the Playhouse and The Music Man as well as a chorus and/or dancer in The Music Man, Carnival, and Oklahoma.Males-Order-Brides-7

My career in acting also included roles as the Father in Aurelia, a parent in Because of Elizabeth, Mr. Byrd in A Byrd’s Christmas Carol, the Mime in The Fantasticks, Judge/Dancer in Hello Dolly (I still can’t do the Russian dance), a Son in Rat Catcher’s Daughter, the Announcer in Sunshine Boys, the Cardinal (Villain) in The Three Musketeers (a melodrama).

I participated in Lights Up On Broadway where lots of people got to laugh at my singing. They laughed at my monologue too. Those conducting the training said my monologue was good enough to get me a part on Broadway — If you can believe that.

More recently I participated in Bible videos which can be seen online. If you look closely you may be able to recognize my back or my feet or my hands.”

BCP_AnnieJOnesMeet our Tiara La Glitz

Hey! I’m Annie Jones, most charming and brilliant resident of Idaho
 Falls. I love running, music, art, reading and writing. I am Queen of 
the Bookworms and Captain of the Nerds. If you get me talking about
 something I like, you won’t be able to shut me up. So beware.

volunteer at my local hospital, and I love science and literature.
 Math is… less than my favorite. I have also been reliably and repeatedly 
informed that I am really, really weird. So, that’s me: the nerdy, 
running oddball.

BCP_HeroForrest_SpencerBarbreMeet Our Hero – Forrest Green

Yep … Spencer Barbre is just 15 years-old and we’re already calling him a hero! He loves to read, shuffle cards, hangout with friends, dance, juggle, and of course… Act.  This is his 9th play, He is loving every minute of it and you should too! Check him out on stage.

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