Meet the Forever Plaid Cast

July 15, 2014

Blackfoot Community Players are proud to present “Forever Plaid” starring Russ, Bart, Bryce, and Chris.

Russ Wood

Russ is a father of five and broadcasting teacher for Century High School in Pocatello. He plays “Frankie” — the confident director of the Plaids who needs an inhaler from time to time after singing 2nd tenor. His day job involved dental supplies.


Bart Brown

Bart Brown, father of five and Blackfoot banker. He plays “Smudge” — the directionally challenged bass whose job it is to worry. His day job was in bathroom fixtures.

Blackfoot Community Players

Bryce Moser

Bryce Moser, father of five, and physician at Blackfoot Medical Clinic. He plays “Sparky.” Always looking for a laugh, this class clown sings baritone. His day job was “better dresses”…whatever that means.


Chris Dunbar

Chris Dunbar, father of two. He is the choir teacher for BHS and MVMS. He plays “Jinx”, “Sparky’s” shy, younger, step-brother. Before the accident, his day job was in auto parts. This tenor often needs a tissue.


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