Little Mermaid Jr. Comes to the Nuart

little mermaidOctober 7, 2014

The Blackfoot Community Players are pleased to announce the Little Mermaid Jr. coming to the Nuart!

This show will be directed by Heather McPhie, who has done many fabulous shows at the Nuart including Pride and Prejudice, Thoroughly Modern Millie, 42nd Street, and All of a Sudden Peggy. If you had a chance to see or be involved in any of these shows, then you know that we are definitely in good hands!

My name is Julie Coles, and I get to be the assistant director and choreographer. I’ve been Heather’s Julie Colessidekick on most of these shows (except All of a Sudden Peggy, which didn’t have any dancing!), and we really have a lot of fun together! We are so excited to make life come alive under the sea!

Our very talented costumer is Katrina Elliot. She has done a lot of costuming and we are thrilled to see what sewing-machine magic she is going to work for us. Everything we’ve seen so far is amazing!

We are also really lucky to have as our stage manager, the very talented Merinda Brighton! She is no stranger to the stage, and will keep all of the groups of our little guppies right where they need to be!

We know that you have a lot of questions about this show, so Like Blackfoot Community Players on Facebook and we will keep you updated. It is still really early (about six weeks until auditions even happen!), but we thought we would get out what information that we do have on this. If your questions are not answered, then be patient, we will have all the info on this eventually…..

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