Introducing Brad Bowen as “Bandito”

Blackfoot Community PlayersFebruary 24, 2014

Brad is the husband to the stunning choreographer Michelle, and they are currently expecting their 6th child, unless she has the baby early which will mean he is a bum husband spending too much time at play practice instead of with his sweetheart, their five other children and new born baby (The show must go on)!
Brad started singing when he was two. He has been in theater since he was five and hooked ever since. He has appeared in, West Side Carousel Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Lil Abner, Music Man, Sound of Music (twice), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (thrice) ((once as Joseph, his dream role)) (((until this one))), Sound of Music, and Forever Plaid with Russ Wood (Rupert). He especially enjoyed playing “Curley” in Oklahoma and “Trevor Graydon” in Thoroughly Modern Millie because his beautiful Michelle was his love interest in both. He also plays the ukulele and is smokin’ hot on the Rock Band drums.
His family always looks to him for answers because he is almost never wrong. Brad loves $100,000 candy bars — but honestly thinks he would like the cash-in-hand version better! He loves his family, politics, teaching, his job, and this show! Thanks Amy for giving me a chance to discover a new favorite role and realize that my best days aren’t behind me on stage!!!

A Few More Fun to Know Facts From His Wife:

Favorite color is purple — Donny Osmond is his “vocal idol” — yep he even had purple socks that he wore during his mission in Charlotte, NC

ISU grad with Human Resource Training and Development degree

Done voice recordings for “History of The Saints”

His vocal recordings can be heard on Sounds of Sunday

Managed Johnny B Goode’s Restaurant for many years and is truly a “50’s kid” at heart

Had an a capella group (featuring 50’s songs) called “The Good Guys” where he became semi-famous at elementary schools and free stages at fairs.

Can learn and do ANYTHING — he makes me mad. Too smart for his own good!

LOVES to play basketball! It’s totally his passion in life

“Secretly” wants to work as a talk-radio host who is really smart and has all the political answers and quick-witted “burns” for dumb people who call in

Used to write quite a lot of poetry (for his girlfriends) but strangely his wife still hasn’t ever gotten a “love poem”….

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